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FuckSwipe describes itself as an adult community. " At least as a concept, what FuckSwipe purports to offer could be intriguing to a large segment of our readership. Bearing that in mind, we conducted an evaluation of FuckSwipe in order to determine what sort of user experience could be expected — and more importantly, what results can be gotten. This is our in-depth FuckSwipe review.

Last Word on FuckSwipe.

FuckSwipe conveys a number of the identical weight of additional hookup sites — especially, the use of fictitious profiles to push up paid membership. Together with FuckSwipe — as annoying as that’s when you are a free member — there are a few real girls on the opposite side of this paywall. Our main complaint is that there just aren’t that many. In comparison to other hookup sites that we’ve tested, FuckSwipe just resulted in a portion of the amount of contacts that we have got in the exact same time frame on other sites. While it isn’t a dead end — it isn’t an expressway to hookups either.


Need a paid membership to use the majority of its functions Fake profiles are present Matches are usually too far off to lead to hookups.

FuckSwipe is marketed as a relationship and hookup site for singles and swinging couples. With a solid marketing campaign utilizing pop-up ads on adult networks, pay-per-click advertisements on search engines, and SMS text campaigns — FuckSwipe is a dating website that’s making a concerted effort to brand itself as the "go to" website for the hookup lifestyle.

Due to the intensive marketing that FuckSwipe is running, your initial impression of FuckSwipe will come from either its position welcome page, or among its capture pages. The latter would be glitzier and focus on getting you to start the registration procedure more on impulse than anything else. The capture pages offer no additional information beyond the registration box. The official welcome page offers slightly more information — including that which are introduced as testimonials from satisfied users.

Registration entails a very simple procedure. You are required to enter your gender, a valid email address (which will be used to confirm your registration), a password to access your account, your zip code and your date of arrival. Unlike the majority of other sites which call for a second or third grade of profile building information, FuckSwipe allows you instant access to its platform by solely submitting the initial tier of fundamental details.

Instantly upon registering, you are redirected to FuckSwipe’s membership site. You will notice that a small line of text appears under your username indicating that you need to validate your email address. A confirmation link was sent to the email which you registered.

For a hookup and dating website that markets itself as a adult community, FuckSwipe does not have the attribute set generally associated with "community" sites. The features with this hookup website are in fact, pretty standard. There is a search function, an internal messaging system, a place to store your favourite profiles and ‘s about it. Other adult hookup sites which tout themselves as "communities" offer more robust features — like those found on a social network. This is a disappointment to us, considering the hype out of their marketing material — we anticipated something more.

The search function enables you to look for additional members based on gender, age range, and position. About the only thing that we found interesting about this otherwise plain function was how members port with it. It’s basically a brand new coat of paint on an old idea — but it looks good.

The messaging platform allows for messages to be sent and received "email mode. " You can also connect via instant message when another member is online and accepts your request. There is a feature called "Live Cam Girls Near You" that allows for video chats to take place.

When these features may seem standard, you may also be saying to your self, "but ‘s all I need. " While that would be accurate usually, there are certain caveats that we found with FuckSwipe that impact the general user experience.

When you register on FuckSwipe, you enter the website as a free member. This brings with it a few negative experiences. First, you will find display advertisements on the website. While they’re few in number and don’t clutter your screen, some do contain design elements — like poorly coded video loops — which can slow down your machine. Second, the free version will nag you with annoying "chat requests" and incoming "messages" out of what are passed off as actual female members. An overview of the terms and conditions confirmed what we had suspected. Nearly all these messages were out of what FuckSwipe terms "Love Hostesses. " These are — in their words — fictitious profiles used to improve the website experience and gather information on the tastes of its members. The TOS clearly states that the communication of these profiles is managed entirely by chatbots.

The reason for doing this is to encourage free members to become members. This isn’t a tactic exclusive to FuckSwipe. While we do locate the presence of these profiles bothersome, it does not necessarily take a hookup website and run it in the ground.

In the case of FuckSwipe, we paid to get a one-month membership to learn what the user experience was just like on the opposite side. A one-month membership includes a price of $29.95. This can be lowered to $9.99 a month if you pay for 12 months in advance.

As paid members, the very first thing we noticed was that the display advertising was removed. After that, all those persistent messages and chat requests from the chatbots ceased. We received one or two messages in our inbox from the bots — we still assume this is done so that you don’t need to face an empty inbox when you assess your own messages.

In terms of the type of people who you connect together — well, over a ten day interval through our FuckSwipe reviewwe did create online contact with four members on the website. Three responded to our initial contact, another contacted us first. Of these four, they all identified themselves as girls. None would engage in a video conversation, all conveyed with us through message inbox or instant messaging. The most important problem we encountered with our contacts was that just one lived within 50 miles of the location. The rest were too distant to anticipate a real hookup.

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